Modernisation of elevators in panel houses – MODI

MODI elevators have been manufactured since 2005 and are available in load capacity of 320Kg up to 900Kg depending on the building layout of the house where the elevator is installed. This model of elevators are regularly modified according to customer requirements and meet all required standards. These elevators offer customers precise processing, high levels of comfort and style. Even basic versions of this model are equipped with above-standard safety features.

Measurements of energy intensity have shown that i tis an energy saving device minimising negative environmental impacts.

The popularity of this product is evident with more than 1000 of these elevators installed throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

From 1.9.2017, is a  MODI lift model in sale, fully meeting the requirements of the EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 elevator standards  This model is also equipped with SEMO Výtahy’s very own UCM MODI-UCM type: MOROS-U. The certification of MOROS-U was one of the first among companies within the Czech Republic.

Elevators to Low Rise Buildings

In the 1960’s there was a large shortage of flats, and the governement at the time began mass construction of blocks of flats. The regulations in forcae at that time required the installation of elevators only into buildings higher than 5 storeys. For this mason, hundreds of Czech inhabitants are deprived of this technical konvenience, which increases the comfort of living.

Our company offeres customers an appropriate solution for houses that have an adequate space in the middle of the stairwell. Our solution offers installation of a lift with minimal structural modifications that do not interfere with the structural element sof the building, which significantly shortens the construction time of the elevator.

The biggest advantages of our elevators are the small shaft pit ( only 250 mm), the low shaft head (only 2.650 mm) and the speed of 0.5 m/s. A steel constructed shaft in the KOMAXIT design with full body cladding, and the installation of new handlils on the staircase are also incuded in the final product.


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