Food Elevator


The food elevator has a load capacity of 50 Kg and a cabin floor area of w 600 x d 550 x h 880 mm.

Shaft dimension: w 900 x d 600 mm.
Landing door sill is 700 mm above room floor level.

The food elevator with load capacity of 100 Kg has a cabin area of w 800 x d 850 x h 880 mm.

Shaft dimensions: w 1200 x d 900 mm.
The double wing landing door sill is still 700 mm above the room floor level.



The small compact machine SCRAP  can be located either at the top or at the bottom of the shaft.An electric microprocessor controller improves elevator efficiency. Upon customer request, lifts can be equipped with many additional features such as sound position signalization, cabin lifting, heated shelves or frequency inverter for smooth start and stop.
The entire elevator can be located in a brick shaft or a light steel structure with cladding as required by the customer. The elevator cabin and shaft door are standardly made of stainless steel. Upon regest, a KOMAXIT door can be supplied.

The advantage of these lifts are their standard size, short delivery times and favourable price. Elevator dimensions can of course be adjusted to customer needs.

Sale of small lift machines

Commercial representation of a Swiss company

Elevator Records Program

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