Small Freight Elevator


Small freight elevators with a load from 100Kg to 300Kg have a loading area of up to 1m2. The size of the shaft is determined individually according to the dimensions of the cabin floor area. The threshold of the single door is located at floor level and the cabin height is a maximum of 1200mm or 2000mm with a fixed bulkhead at a maximum height of 120mm. The small compact SCRAP machine is located either under the ceiling, the shaft or above the shaft in the engine room. The elevator microprocessor switchgear allows the installation of a frequency inverter for the smooth start and stop of the elevator with the high precision required to transport cargo on small diameter wheels. The advantage of the frequency inverter is particularly important where liquids are transported (for example, soups in the dispenser), as there is no spillage when starting and braking. Elevators fully comply with European Standard for Small Elevators EN 81-3.



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