Passenger Elevators


Passenger elevators are manufactured in a wide variety of designs with variable elements – traction, hydraulic, panoramic, single-space (lifts without machine rooms) and be located within full shafts or steel structures coated with different materials or glass  (panoramic) shaft. The load can range from 250 Kg to 1600 Kg.

Elevators are always designed individually according to the needs, specific conditions and transport requirements of the customers. High quality components and material from renowned manufactures are used. Only microprocessor control systems with high reliability are used to control elevators. All this, makes it possible to provide elevators with a warranty of up to 5 years from commissioning.

The cabin interior is custom designed in terms of colour, material, lifting and equipment all in accordance with the customers requirements. Alevators fully couly with the European Standard EN 81-20 a 81-50.

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